Justice Online Project

Improving Government Services

Department of Justice

Justice Online Project - Improving Government Services recipientsThe Justice Online Project team has implemented access to civil court services anywhere, anytime. The introduction of three components, Online Registry Website, Court List Search and Online Court, has facilitated the move away from manual paper-based processes and heavy reliance on court house presence. From days to minutes, the end-to-end suite of online services saves time and money otherwise spent on travelling and waiting in registries or courtrooms. Throughout development, members of the community and legal profession were engaged with feedback forming the basis of further improvements to current online services. 70.4% of available civil forms are now e-filed and take-up of Online Court recently peaked over 80%, contributing to the Premier’s Priority to improve customer satisfaction with Government Services alongside the State Priority of Better Government Digital Services, “70% of government transactions to be conducted via digital channels by 2019”.