Small Business Support

Customer focussed delivery

Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner
Industry, Skills and Regional Development

Through the delivery of tailored programs, the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner supports
small businesses across NSW, providing thousands of hours of advice and assistance to inspire confidence
and improve small business performance. During 2014/15, the Small Biz Connect program provided 47,000
hours of mobile, face-to-face support and advice with 70% focussed on regional businesses. High customer
satisfaction rates were also achieved with 96% of clients rating the services as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very good’.
The development of a Regional Activation Program (RAP) has further focused on the provision of services and
information to regional small businesses. As part of the RAP, government agencies were able to provide direct
advice to business owners in remote regions via regional forums and workshops. The first Small Business
Friendly Councils program in Australia was also established by the Office of the NSW Small Business
Commissioner to assist local councils to better support the small businesses in their area.