Zachary Xie

Premier’s Award for Individual Excellence and Achievement

Zachary Xie
Research Analyst, Corrections Research, Evaluation and Statistics, Governance and Continuous Improvement, Corrective Services NSW
Department of Justice

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Zachary XieZachary Xie developed the Criminal Re-imprisonment Estimate Scale that allows for the accurate estimate of the probability of an individual reoffending and returning.  The current model used by Corrective Services NSW requires interviewing offenders and their associates and undertaking a comprehensive file review by a professional officer. This process takes up to eight weeks to complete per offender. This is a resource intensive approach to the risk assessment of offenders and is limited in its application to those offenders serving longer custodial sentences. This is the first statistical instrument in Australia that allows for risk assessments to be automatically and routinely used on all inmates predicting the risk of re-imprisonment, with no comparable models identified in any international jurisdiction. Mr Xie’s model allows Corrective Services NSW to realise a number of operational and cost efficiencies in the management and rehabilitation of offenders.