Western NSW Aboriginal Learner Driver Programs and Licensed and On the Road

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Roads and Maritime Services

NSW Premier Mike Baird and the Strengthening the Environment and Communities joint winnersDriver license offenses are the second highest incarceration category amongst Aboriginal people. Government responses to improve legal and safe driving among Aboriginal people in NSW have had limited success reducing over representation in road crash fatalities, traffic related re-offending and imprisonments. Less than half the eligible Aboriginal people in NSW hold a drivers licence compared to seven out of ten for non-Aboriginal people.  Barriers include poor numeracy and literacy, inadequate identification and limited access to registered vehicles and licensed supervised drivers. Roads and Maritime‚Äôs Aboriginal Program 2013/14 outcomes include engagement with 68 pre-licenced people, engagement with 201 learner licenced drivers, 79 learner licences awarded, 83 P1 licenses awarded, 1,442 driving lessons provided and 14 people employed.