Opal Electronic Ticketing System

Building Infrastructure

Transport for NSW

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Opal Electronic Ticketing SystemThis project builds and operates an electronic ticketing system across a large geographic footprint involving the installation of more than 40,000 pieces of equipment including equipment at 40 ferry wharves, 308 train stations and more than 5,000 buses and light rail vehicles. Customers use the Opal card to access the system which is easier, more convenient and faster than the decades old paper based system. There are 1.1 million customers now using Opal to catch suburban and intercity trains, Sydney Ferries and more than 4,300 buses. The fare structure rewards frequent travellers and offers unique benefits and convenient ways to manage online card accounts. This project will transform the way millions of customers access the transport network and how Transport for NSW manages fare collection. It has been designed to be future proofed to keep pace with customers’ needs and wants.