Public Service Award, Delivering Quality Customer Services, Preventing the Next Osteoporotic Fracture

“The Premier’s Award raised awareness of not only what we are doing here at Concord, but also about the problem as such. It was really great to have both the Premier and Jillian Skinner highlight the achievements but also the necessity of our service”

- Professor Markus Seibel

Preventing the Next Osteoporotic Fracture

Over 2.2 million Australians live with osteoporosis. The disease affects more than half of postmenopausal women and almost a third of men over the age of 60. It is estimated that the disease costs Australians about $7 billion through lost productivity and health costs.

In 2005 the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Concord Hospital established the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS), a life-changing service designed to improve the care, quality of life and life expectancy of patients with osteoporotic fractures by reducing the high incidence of re-fractures.

According to Professor Seibel, PFL’s project leader and head of Endocrinology at Concord Hospital, “FLS is cost-efficient on the basis of greatly reduced cost for treating re-fractures”. Through FLS’s intervention, the incidence of re-fractures amongst osteoporotic patients using the service reduced by 80%, compared to treatment offered in standard care.

The Agency for Clinical Innovation, the lead agency on promoting innovation in health care across NSW have now recommended the FLS as one of the prime models of care for fracture prevention in the State.