Mardi Croke - Winner, Premier's Award for Individual Excellence and Achievement 2012

It recognises the services that we do for children and students in NSW which is fantastic! They deserve the recognition.

Mardi Croke

Mardi Croke

Being recognised for excellence in the delivery of public service is an affirmation of the teaching profession. Teachers believe that they can make a difference through the power of education, in the lives of their students and to better society.

Mardi Croke is a proactive, insightful, caring teacher whose understanding approach in developing and driving a parent support program for families of children with special needs children at Jerrabomberra Public School was recognised with the Premier’s Award for Individual Excellence and Achievement.  Delivering results for individuals and the NSW community is what inspires Mardi.

Mardi changed family lives for the better with this program. They have not looked back and go from strength to strength. Mardi has built trust and confidence between individuals, families and the school.