Can Assist - Winner, Premier's Award for Excellence in Public Service Delivery 2012

It’s recognition of 57 years of dedication to the people and the community in rural NSW and regional NSW, and very much for our volunteers who are the backbone of the organisation.

Can Assist

Increasingly non-government employees and organisations are providing services on behalf of government in an environment of devolving responsibilities to communities and businesses.

In regional and rural NSW people with cancer are often required to travel away from home and their support network to access cancer treatments. Can Assist is a community-based organisation which provides support to cancer patients and their families living in rural and regional NSW. The service, which has been operating for over 56 years, now has 51 branches across regional NSW operated by 2,800 volunteers.

Can Assist fills a critical gap in the lives of people with cancer and their families by providing vital mental health and wellbeing services, accommodation, financial assistance and in-home care to people in rural areas affected by cancer.

Can Assist’s ability to consistently attract, motivate and retain highly committed volunteers for nearly six decades is a testament to its claims of service delivery excellence for individuals and the community, and deserving of special recognition.