Our Award Categories are designed to recognise excellence in the delivery of public services to the NSW community. The five categories are listed below. Both teams and individuals are eligible to be nominated for any of the following categories.

Building a Strong Economy

To deliver positive improvements to the lives of people of NSW, it is important to provide the people with opportunities, security and confidence in driving the economy and supporting a diverse workforce. The Premier’s priorities of Creating Jobs and Driving Public Sector Diversity have been key identifiers in facilitating an economic environment that encourages private sector investment and innovation. It is therefore important to recognise contributions to these priorities to help strengthen the diverse demographics of the NSW economy.

Providing High-Quality Education

The NSW Government has a responsibility to not only build a strong foundation in early years to support a brighter future for our children, community and state, but also focus on the quality of lifelong learning to prepare the workforce for ever changing situations. We have been working on Protecting our Kids, Tackling Childhood Obesity and Improving Education Results to help provide the next generation with the best possible start in life along with focussing on improving educational outcomes which will help to make the people of NSW ready for the future.

Creating Well Connected Communities

To ensure a sustainable future for citizens, the NSW Government is driving greater levels of integration and efficiency across long-term planning, precincts, infrastructure priorities, open space, the environment, our natural resources – land, water, mining – energy, and growing our industries. These priorities have been recognised in Keeping our Environment Clean, Making Housing More Affordable and Delivering Infrastructure.

Providing World Class Customer Service

Over the past few years, the NSW Premier has had priorities which have improved delivery of a range of services to families and individuals across NSW. Achieving success in the Improving Government Services and Improving Service levels in hospitals priorities, coupled with progress in digital transformation, has laid the foundation to drive NSW to a world-leading position in digital technology and customer service for the next decade.

Tackling Longstanding Social Challenges

Delivering better social outcomes for the most vulnerable and equality of opportunity for people across NSW, no matter their background or where they live, is important to the NSW Government. We have been investing in our social support and law and order systems to Reduce Domestic Violence Reoffending and Reduce Youth Homelessness to ensure our communities are safe and caring places to live.

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Anthea Kerr Award

The Anthea Kerr Award is a standalone award within the NSW Premier’s Awards for Public Service. The Anthea Kerr Award is awarded in honour of Anthea Kerr, an Assistant Director General at the Department of Finance and Services who passed away suddenly at 38 years of age. 

The award is to recognise future public sector leaders who are under 35 years of age. Nominations for the Anthea Kerr award are invited separately to the 5 categories, and will be judged against a separate criteria.