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Promotional Resources

Awards Ambassadors have access to a range of resources to help promote the awards internally and externally with the organisation’s employees, partners and collaborators in delivering public services.

Web banners and buttons

These may be uploaded to your intranet, internet, social media channels or email signature block and should be hyperlinked to the awards website:

Right click on button and select Save picture as... or Save Image As... 

Winner 2017 180x150 2018 nominate

Winner 2017 - Nominate for 2018
180 x 150
Finaist 2017 180x150 2018 nominate

Finalist 2017 - Nominate for 2018
180 x 150


Nominate for 2018
180 x 150


Nominate for 2018
200 x 280


Nominate for 2018
320 x 250

Signature block

This email signature block supplied may be added to your agency’s email signature block.

  • Signature block 550 x 60

All email signature blocks should include an embedded hyperlink to the awards website:


The posters below include an editable field so you can add your Department / agency's own contact(s) and deadlines.

Click on the poster image or the corresponding link below the image to download the poster PDF.

2018 A4 poster

A4 Premier's Awards Poster 2018 (PDF 2.9MB)

2018 A3 poster

A3 Premier's Awards Poster 2018 (PDF 8.7MB)


Logo awards color small

Logo colour small 595 x 283

Logo colour large 2480 x 1181 (619 KB)

Logo awards mono small

Logo mono small 595 x 283

Logo mono large 2480 x 1181 (430 KB)

Hyperlinks to the awards website:


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