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Welcome to the tips, guidance and resources for Awards Ambassadors

Here are some help guides for using the online nomination platform:

We will be holding an Awards Ambassadors briefing session for the 2018 Premier’s Awards at the Public Service Commission offices in Sydney, on the 26 and 27 February 2018. Please email to register.


Roles and responsibilities

Awards Ambassadors are nominated by each organisation at either departmental or agency level to:

  • promote the awards across their organisations
  • work with business areas in their organisations to promote the awards with their external partners in industry, non-government organisations, academia and local councils (as stand-alone nominees in selected categories only. Local councils can be part of collaborative nominations in all categories).
  • coordinate internal policies and processes for submitting award nominations
  • provide information and advice to those nominating for the awards, including:
  • selection of award and category
  • the nomination process in the agency
  • preparing a competitive nomination
  • how to enter nominations into the online portal
  • reviewing and quality checking nominations, particularly accuracy and response to all criteria
  • create log-ins for the online nomination portal for public sector staff in their department or agency, or representatives from NGO’s, private companies or local councils that wish to submit a nomination, and provide nominators with the Award Force Online Nomination Portal - Guide for Entrants 2018 (PDF 1.4MB).
  • make sure that all parties (e.g. other government departments, NGOs, private companies) within nominations have been consulted and support the nomination and its content.
  • review and quality check nominations entered into the online portal by public sector staff in their department or agency, or representatives from NGO’s, private companies or local councils. You may encourage a senior manager to review any nominations that are being submitted from within their team, however this is left to the discretion of each department or agency.
  • ensure that any shortlisted nominations have been reviewed and endorsed by the appropriate authority in the organisation or their approved delegate e.g. Secretary of principal departments, Agency Head of accountability institutions, or CEO. This includes nominations for external organisations delivering public services on behalf of government, but please note that only public sector employees can be nominated for individual awards.
  • liaise with the Awards Team in the Public Service Commission to provide further information about award nominations during their quality assurance and reference checking phases.
  • coordinate agency guest lists for the awards ceremony on 7 November 2018.